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The Wellbeing Distillery is cofounded by Justin Robinson and David Bott – two of the world's most experienced and respected wellbeing education practitioners. They are joined by a highly credentialed team of wellbeing, mental health, and education-leadership experts.

Drawing on more than 70 years of combined classroom and school leadership experience, and harnessing the lessons-learned from supporting educators from over 1,000 schools globally, The Wellbeing Distillery Team is focussed on just one thing – elevating the wellbeing and effectiveness of school communities. 

We embrace wellbeing science, we live and breathe wellbeing education.

Current and alumni clients include

Meet our Academy Team

Justin Robinson
Justin has trained thousands of educators around the world in designing evidence-informed approaches to wellbeing. He is the former Director of the Institute of Positive Education, is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and board member of the International Positive Education Network.
David Bott
David is a best-selling author, consultant, former teacher, and expert in designing and implementing system-level approaches to wellbeing and cultural change. He sits on the Dubai Future Council for Education and the Positive Education Schools Association board.
Aimee Bloom
Aimee is an experienced educational leader, wellbeing practitioner, and curriculum designer. Whether it’s writing books, designing products or running yoga classes, her mission is to foster the wellbeing of teachers and students through creating and relating.

Meet our Advisory Team

Dr Maria Sirois
Maria is an expert in the fields of Positive Psychology and Mind/Body Medicine. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and author with deep understanding of resilience, flourishing, happiness, authenticity and recovery from loss.
Dr Georgiana Cameron
Georgie is a strengths-based educational and developmental psychologist. She is experienced in leading wellbeing and mental health research and data analysis, designing solution-focussed interventions, and delivering evidence-based consultancy.
Charlie Scudamore
As Vice-Principal at Geelong Grammar School, Charlie was responsible for the development and implementation of Positive Education throughout the organisation. Charlie now serves as a passionate advocate of wellbeing and indigenous education. 

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"I have been impressed with the professional development provision from the Wellbeing Distillery. Not only is the delivery personalized and empathetic, but their approach to wellbeing education goes beyond surface level discussion, exploring up-to-date research, contextualizing this within a classroom setting and providing simple and effective strategies for teachers."

Marco A. Zambonini
Vice Principal
North London Collegiate School, Dubai

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