Frequently Asked Questions

Why does The Wellbeing Educator course exist?

We wanted to provide an accessible, high-quality, professional learning course for educators so they can harness wellbeing science to support their personal wellbeing and elevate their effectiveness as teachers.

What’s different about The Wellbeing Educator compared to other wellbeing courses?

The Wellbeing Educator is infused with science, informed by leading researchers, BUT specifically designed by teachers for teachers. Our team of highly experienced educators, psychologists, and school leaders has distilled the science of wellbeing – across fifteen related components – specifically for professional educators

Rather than finishing this course and thinking, "Well, that’s nice, but what do I do now?" or "...but how do I actually use this in my classroom?", participants will explore 45 explicit tactics designed to enhance teacher wellbeing and effectiveness. These tactics are road-tested, science-informed strategies that teachers can implement immediately in their lives and their classrooms.

How long do I/we have access to the The Wellbeing Educator course?

The standard access time to the course platform is 12 months. However, we’re happy to provide extended access to school groups who wish to prepare and introduce the course during a period that straddles a school year. 
Please contact us before purchasing if you'd like an extended period to view the course.

How long does it take to complete The Wellbeing Educator course?

There are 15 modules to complete in total. Each module has 30 – 40 minutes of video content as well as several exercises to complete in the TWE Playbook. We also encourage you to take notes, discuss concepts with colleagues, and integrate your learnings into your life and teaching. It would be possible to complete the course in 15 hours – allowing approximately 1 hour per module. However, we encourage you to spend additional time exploring and digesting the content as needed.

How do I enrol a group or whole school of teachers?

Click on the GROUP or WHOLE-SCHOOL registration button. This will open a form for you so you can contact our team regarding how many educators you wish to enrol. We’ll reply promptly to your request, issue your school an invoice, and provide you with an access code for your teachers. On receiving this access code, all teachers will have immediate access. However, if you're a school leader, you can gain access to the platform days, weeks, or months prior to the actual activation of the course for your teachers, enabling you to feel confident and comfortable that everything is in place for your course launch.

How much does The Wellbeing Educator course cost?

  • Individual educators: $349pp (AUD). Purchase securely on this platform. 
  • Teams of educators (10+): $239pp (AUD).  Contact us for an invoice for your school.
  • Whole-school groups of educators: $129pp (AUD). Contact us for an invoice for your school.

* Prices are inclusive of all relevant fees and taxes.
* Prices are in Australian dollars but we accept payment in all major currencies.

What if I/we can’t afford to pay the course fee?

We have tried to keep our course fees as low as possible to make this comprehensive wellbeing course accessible to most educators and schools around the world. However, if you’re experiencing financial challenges and would love to complete the course, please contact us. We do offer a whole-school discount for school communities with low socio-educational advantage and for schools with more than 200 educators.

Do I need to be a teacher to participate in the course?

The Wellbeing Educator course is designed by teachers for teachers. The goal of this specific course is to elevate the wellbeing and effectiveness of professional educators. However, if you’re not an educator, you’re still most welcome to complete the course. For your interest, we are currently building future online courses – designed for different target audiences – such as The Wellbeing Parent.

How does the course Playbook work?

Our comprehensive Playbook is an integral part of The Wellbeing Educator course. An interactive PDF copy of the Playbook is available in the Welcome module. Click on the attachment and download the Playbook to your device.
Please note: the numbers within the table of contents are hyperlinked and will take you directly to the relevant page within the Playbook. 
Please note: A hard-copy course Playbook is available for whole-school groups and can be shipped directly to the school. Please allow six weeks for printing and delivery within Australia and eight weeks for schools outside Australia. Please contact us for a quote.

What’s the best way of experiencing the course?

Great question! Each of us at TWD would likely give you a different answer because we’re all different and have different learning styles and preferences. The key is to experience, absorb, and internalise the content. We want you to be experimentful and playful with the content as you consider how these skills can best be woven into your ways of being and teaching.
We believe you’ll know what pace will be best for you.

Here are some possible approaches that might work for you:

The ‘Course Intensive’ Approach (3 weeks)
This involves taking a dedicated approach and prioritising your learning – working at a rate of completing approximately one module every day. You watch a module, take notes, reflect on it through the day, experiment with a tactic and then immerse yourself in the next module the next day.

The ‘Spaced Learning’ Approach (15 weeks)
This takes the approximate pace of completing one module per week – watching the videos across the course of the week, reflecting on the activities and experimenting with the tactics where relevant and appropriate.

The ‘Drip Feed’ Approach (45 weeks)
This involves exploring the content and considering relevant applications at a speed of approximately one module every three weeks. This allows the course to provide a year’s worth of professional experiential learning in wellbeing education.

And, anywhere in-between, or outside, the range of these three approaches can also work – if it feels right for you. The pace you choose will hopefully enable you to look forward to the next module, the next segment of learning, due to your capacity to be present and open to the concepts.

Can I learn alongside a colleague or a team of colleagues?

Yes! Because The Wellbeing Educator is designed as an online, self-paced course, it works perfectly for individuals or groups. If you feel it would be helpful for your engagement, you can informally, or formally, connect with colleagues on your learning journey. 

Some schools provide dedicated professional learning time so faculty teams or whole-school teaching cohorts can watch and discuss a particular module. Teachers can also complete the modules asynchronously and then come together to discuss their experiences and understandings.

Can I track my course progress?

The TWD Academy platform clearly tracks your progress through the course, marking off the modules you’ve completed and providing live completion percentages.

Can I track my colleagues’ course progress?

If you’ve enrolled a group or whole-school team of teachers, a ‘seat-manager’ for your group will manage your team. They can also view individual members’ progress. 

What's the best way to introduce The Wellbeing Educator to a whole-school team of educators?

Another great question! We believe this is a critical and sensitive process that's important to optimise.
First consideration: How can you ‘invite’ teachers to participate in the course?
Second consideration: How can you provide some level of ‘choice and voice’ for teachers?
Third consideration: How can you facilitate engaging and uplifting conversations to complement the video learning?
Fourth consideration: How can you inspire and systematise active participation in the professional learning process. 

Our ‘ideal’ approach looks like this:

1. Inform the teachers of the school’s intention to provide access to The Wellbeing Educator, particularly focussing on ‘why’ this will be a key priority. You may like to signpost this intention in the weeks or months prior to the commencement of the course. We’ve provided a helpful sheet of ‘whys’ that may aid your communication.

2. Provide some choice for teachers’ engagement with the course materials. You could dedicate two colleague meetings per term (eight across the course of the year) to exploring this course. Each colleague meeting could utilise a number of different learning spaces – each exploring a different module, with individual teachers choosing which one they wish to join. Is it also feasible to allow some teachers to not attend the group learning session, with the expectation they’ll complete the learning in their own time during the relevant week?

3. Provide opportunities for teachers to actively share their learnings, insights, wisdom, and experiments. Could you create an internal discussion board where colleagues can pose questions and post comments?

4. Provide opportunities for school leaders to authentically engage in the learning and use opportunities across the week, term, or year to integrate messages and ideas explored in course content.

We’d be very happy to chat with you about implementation ideas and/or challenges you may be facing.
We recognise that, just like students, we can’t force individuals to learn. Instead, we need to foster respectful relationships, provide justification and inspiration, and endeavour to draw them toward the learning materials. (Aim to gently ‘pull’ rather than forcefully ‘push’).

What benefits can we expect to see from teachers completing the course?

We anticipate that you will observe four main benefits:
1. Teachers will have additional evidence-informed skills that proactively support their wellbeing.
2. Teachers will experiment with a wide array of evidence-informed wellbeing tactics to enhance their teaching craft.
3. Teachers will be energised by the skills and knowledge contained within the course.
4. Teachers will share a common wellbeing language that will enhance relationships across the school community.

What is the ALIVE approach to wellbeing?

ALIVE is TWD’s unique way of representing the core components of individual and community wellbeing.
A represents the one pinnacle wellbeing Asset – resilience. We define resilience as the human interface with change.
L represents the two wellbeing Lenses that provide perspective on your world – character strengths and mindfulness.
I represents the Infrastructure that provides a foundation for your wellbeing – sleep, nutrition, exercise.
V represents the Vectors that guide your life by providing direction and purpose – Values, Goals, Habits, and Boundaries.
E represents the five related Elements that you freely pursue to nurture your wellbeing – Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment.

What’s the difference between The Wellbeing Educator course and The Wellbeing Educator – Certification course? 

The Certification course has all the features of TWD’s flagship The Wellbeing Educator course AND three additional features:
  • Live onboarding workshop
  • 5 x live, 1-hour, online workshops hosted by your TWD facilitator
  • Opportunity to ask questions, extend your learning, share your journey with others, maintain accountability, be part of a learning community
  • Completion of a Tactical Implementation Project (micro-experiment 500-1000 words).
  • A Certificate of completion.