Discover the power of
learning together

The Wellbeing Educator is a perfect opportunity for groups within your school to share their learning, growth, and development. We all know how powerful it can be when we learn with others.

This course is ideally suited to a range of group settings including:
  • Wellbeing Teams or Pastoral Care Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Professional Development Teams
  • Wellbeing-Interest Groups
  • Onboarding new Colleagues
And of course – like many schools – you may see this course as a powerful way to build the capacity, skillset, and wellbeing of all colleagues in your school.

Monitor and support the progress of your colleagues

A simple dashboard for group managers allows you to enrol users and monitor user progress.
  • Fast, easy set up
  • Enrol new users
  • Monitor user progress


Groups of 10 or more

All Colleagues

Whole-school groups

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"The wisdom and knowledge that the TWD team has with Wellbeing Education is incredible. The Wellbeing Educator is enabling schools to train staff to have a better toolkit so that the impact of wellbeing in schools makes a positive difference to the school culture. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the team at TWD."
David Butcher
Principal, British School Jakarta