The Wellbeing Educator

This course equips teachers with the wellbeing skills and knowledge to be at their best, helping them to feel empowered and energised. This SAMPLE EDITION of the course gives you free access to three course modules.
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What's included in the full course?

  • 15 Modules
  • 45 Tactics
  • 90 Videos
  • 1 PDF Workbook
  • 12 Months Access
  • 10 Hours CPD

Learn and Apply the Science

Learn relevant, cutting-edge wellbeing science – distilled specifically for educators – that can have an immediate positive impact both personally and professionally.

Explore Practical Applications

Support teacher wellbeing, enhance student engagement, and elevate pedagogical craft through a wide range of powerful tactics grounded in wellbeing science.

Video Trailers (Full Course)

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Module #1 - Resilience

David presents Resilience: the human interface with change.
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     Module #2 - Character Strengths

Justin presents Character Strengths: the tools we have to live a 'good' life. 
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Module #3 - Mindfulness

Aimee presents Mindfulness: a practice, an approach, a way to live.

 Course Contents

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Meet Your Presenters

Justin Robinson
Justin has trained thousands of educators around the world in designing evidence-informed approaches to wellbeing. He is the former Director of the Institute of Positive Education, is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and board member of the International Positive Education Network.
David Bott
David is a best-selling author, consultant, former teacher, and expert in designing and implementing system-level approaches to wellbeing and cultural change. He sits on the Dubai Future Council for Education and the Positive Education Schools Association board.
Aimee Boom
Aimee is an experienced educational leader, wellbeing practitioner, and curriculum designer. Whether it’s writing books, designing products or running yoga classes, her mission is to foster the wellbeing of teachers and students through creating and relating.

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